There’s a jar of guacamole and on the copy editor’s desk and no one can open it.

Everyone’s tried.

It looks easy and it’s just a little jar but it doesn’t want to open. He says they tried every trick at home – hot water and tapping it on the counter edge and everything – but it won’t open. So he brought it in.

And it’s just 10 minutes after one of the worst Monday morning deadlines in a while and we’re all tired, need something to distract us, to burn off the stress and we’re all suddenly chatty.

The jar makes its way around our desks, reporters try and then another editor and then a passing maintenance man.

Each takes it confidently. Each tries, then suddenly laughs.

It’s not opening.

And finally the maintenance man takes it back to his department and says they’ll get it open and we’re not sure what they do – if they used tools of some sort or finally found someone with hands stronger than that jar – but they bring it back open.

I think the copy editor ought to share.

It’s one of the worst deadline mornings we’ve had in a while and I’m struggling through sandpaper eyes because the baby wanted to play at 4 a.m. and I spent an hour arguing with her before giving up and feeding her at 5 a.m. (and funny, she went right back to sleep after that), and I think we’re all tired for our own reasons today. There’s a photographer/fire fighter out until 3 with the fire that made my deadline harried and an editor still coming back from the flu and others recovering from weekend activities.

And I think we all need a bit of guacamole to make up for it.


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