When will it be over?

I’ve been isolated from it all.

Ever since we moved here, watching anything on our television meant stretching bunny ears across the dining room, stacking books on the windowsill, and painstakingly adjusting the antenna to different points, different heights, depending on what channel we were trying to catch.

Then a few weeks ago we purchased a higher-powered antenna, hung it outside, and ran the cord through the attic. Watching a football game is as easy as pushing a button, now.

And maybe that’s why it’s hit me, why the plethora of political ads amazes me now.

We can’t watch a game or a television show without them, angry attack ads using grainy photos and out-of-context headlines to accuse the other of lying, destroying America, or being a horrible person out to line his or her own pocket at my personal expense.

And it’s not just the ads. Now we’re running stories about the ads, and how many there are, and how candidates are out on the campaign trail now that it’s the day before the election (and in other news, the sky is blue). The television turned to CNN in the newsroom is muted, thankfully, but I can still see that it’s talking about the election.

My Facebook feed is filling up with people saying opposite but equally strong statements about the others.

And while I ought to be saying patriotic things like how wonderful it is to have the freedom to vote, to voice our opinions? I’m just looking forward to Wednesday.

Come what may, it will all be over then. And I can’t wait.


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