It’s one of those days that I think just showing up AT the gym should count, forget anything else, but I step on the elliptical anyway.

I know – or I should know – that no matter what I feel like walking into the gym, I’ll feel better walking out. It’s worked that way a hundred times, though I still forget too often.

But today my head is fuzzy after putting each of the day’s stories online and I know I won’t be able to concentrate the rest of the afternoon if I don’t go out, do something different for a little while at least.

And after five minutes on the elliptical I lower the resistance.

Often there’s someone running on the treadmills behind me. Those are good days, the rhythm of their feet making mine faster, my calves stronger.

Today? There’s no one there.

On the television runners are taking their places. They hop and stretch and wave to the crowded stands, then settle onto starting blocks.

Good, I think. They’ll make me move faster.

But then they’re running and it’s over in seconds and I realize – watching Olympic sprinters is completely different from matching the pace on the treadmill behind you.

Watching them run doesn’t make me move any faster.

(But it does make the time pass more quickly.)


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