No scammers, please

I listed a piano on Craigslist a couple weeks ago.

I’m selling it on behalf of a neighbor who didn’t want the hassle. But pianos don’t sell quickly and so I keep renewing it, posting it higher again and hoping this time someone finds it.

Someone always does. But it never quite sounds right.

“I’m Orly by name, I am interested in your advert Wurlitzer upright piano – $450 and i would like to ask some details concerning this item before proceeding with the payment,” the email reads.

“So, your response to these required information would be highly entertained before proceeding to the next stage. Kindly email back, if it’s still for sale.”

Well. He’s better than the last scammer, who called it the ‘item’ as if he couldn’t be bothered to remember what it was he was buying and didn’t even make a pretense of questions.

And because I’d really like to sell it and what if I mistake someone’s poor English with a scam? I emailed him back, answered the questions.

Ah. Now Orly would like to have a check sent to me that will exceed the amount I’m requesting and I’m to send the difference to him. Then he’ll arrange to have the piano picked up.

I knew there had to be a catch somewhere. Somehow I expect the check he sends won’t be good, and if I send him the difference it will be out of my own pocket.

So I tell him I only deal locally and if he’d like to come with the correct amount we can trade money for piano on the spot and be done with it.

He doesn’t answer.

I wonder about Orly. Does he make much by scamming? Do any of those Nigerian princes and missionaries and others who send random emails offering thousands in exchange for your help make anything by scamming? They keep trying, so I think they must.

And so I wonder about those who fall for the scam, how naive and trusting and unknowing are they?

So if you get an email from Orly asking about your Craigslist advert, just delete it.

(And if you want to buy a piano? I’m selling one.)


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