Growing confidence

When she first started taking lessons, she was eager — but shy and nervous. She apologized every time her little fingers missed a note. She watched my face instead of the music, looking to see if she was playing right.

And she didn’t want to ever take more than two songs home.

The strange thing?

She is, hands down, my easiest student.

And she has been from the start.

I don’t know if she has someone sitting with her while she practices or if she just loves music so much that she has the self-discipline to practice on her own or if music runs in her veins or if it’s a combination of all three.

But I do know that every week she brings back her two songs, each learned smoothly, often flawlessly.

And I’ve been wanting to push her further. If she’s learning them so perfectly, am I giving her enough to do?

But each time I suggested a third song — “just in case you finish the first two so quickly” — she looked nervous. And the ‘just in case’ song rarely happened.

Until last month.

With a new baby sister and my vacation schedule she missed two or three weeks but I’d sent her with an extra song, since it would be so long. And with the extra practice time she learned it as perfectly as the other two.

And when we finished up her lesson last week and I said here, these are your two songs for next week?

She asked for a third.

And I wonder: Is there anything quite so beautiful as watching a child’s confidence grow to match her abilities?



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