The purse that wasn’t

It must have come as a surprise.

After two young men targeted an older woman walking into a church, grabbing her purse and knocking her to the ground when she resisted, they took a minute to see what they had gained.

A Bible.

Going through court records recently I found the charges and they’re steep: robbery, aggravated assault, theft. The woman suffered a fractured shoulder.

And in the paragraphs a third man who drove a get-away car told how his friends said they “robbed an old lady but didn’t get anything.” They tossed the Bible that they’d mistaken for a purse behind a store.

I expect they were disgusted. They needed drug money, and you’re certainly not buying drugs with a Bible.

But I wonder what else they thought? Was it a warning sign to them?

It’s pretty low, two young men going after one older woman as she heads into church. The age factor, the 2-against-1 factor, the church factor…

And then they find themselves holding a Bible as they run down the street. They must have felt kind of foolish.

And it does make you wonder if maybe God didn’t want their attention. Maybe a “Hey guys, leave my people alone but go ahead and take a look at this” kind of a statement?

I wish I could have seen their faces when they realized what they stole.


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  1. Thieves once broke into my pastors car while he was running an errand inside the grocery store. They stole his computer bag, and must’ve been very disappointed to find the bag only held his Bible and sermon notes (just in case they needed help understanding what they were reading 🙂 ).

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