We post a picture on our official Facebook page and ask if anyone knows the smiling couple on their wedding day? The camera card was lost and later found in a parking lot and the finder is trying to track down the owner – because someone is missing their wedding pictures.

We post it and minutes later the couple is identified; 45 minutes later the bride is writing, saying she knows who took the picture. The next day the camera card is on its way to its rightful owner.

We talk about the power of social networking, tying a man in Pennsylvania to a woman in Florida, bringing people together in minutes.

And it is amazing and it might have happened too, through personal pages. But the speed?

It’s where social networking meets a local paper, that’s where it happened. All those different people to are fans of our page to get the headline updates, they all saw the picture. And it’s a small enough town that no surprise, people saw their friend, their family member, and the connection was made.

It wasn’t the traditional way that a small paper brings people together but it made me happy, anyway, watching us achieve the same thing through the new forms.

And walking home yesterday afternoon, sunshine warm and trees breaking out in soft green buds, I watched a man read the sports section on his front porch, coffee mug in one hand, and I smiled again.

I don’t know where newspapers, even little ones, will be in the next decade or so and I doubt they will be remotely the same; but it’s nice to see both worlds combining a little, at least for today.


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