Time for a list?

“Have you written any interesting stories lately?”

You’d think that after several years of being asked that question at every family gathering or casual barbecue, I’d be ready for it. You’d think I’d have a constantly-updated list of my recent interesting stories, ready to pull out in the grocery store aisle or over coffee.

I don’t.

Instead I hesitate, running frantically through anything I’ve written and coming up with school board meetings, township supervisors, random police-beat paragraphs.

“It’s mostly been municipal meetings lately,” I say, finally, which is partly but not entirely true. Those meetings do take up more of my time than other assignments; and the fact that they’re evening assignments gives them extra weight in my mind. I have to plan around them, factor in an early dinner, squeeze in a nap.

But there are other stories I write, different every week, some small and trivial, some important. Some sound interesting to anyone; others just to those who live in the affected community: Like high school musicals now celebrating 50 years, or church events, or criminal charges filed, or attempts to prepare for an aging population.

But for whatever reason I always forget those when I’m called to remember them.

Guess I need to start carrying a list.


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