Back again

We sat on the deck and soaked in spring sunshine, dodging children and dogs who smelled of pond water.

We ate Blue Bell ice cream in secret and again with everyone else, took long afternoon naps and walked in the cool of the morning.

I caught up on Tex-Mex and had just two Dr. Peppers (admirable restraint, thank you) and for five sun-filled days I didn’t think about work.

Or, apparently, this site.

I’m home now, and the weather here is nearly as lovely as it was there. But there are stacks on my desk and too many emails for one afternoon and calls from game commissioners coming in about deer shot and left by the side of the road and a report from state police about a robbery ring and it’s Monday, with a full week stretching out before me.

I guess you can forget about work, but work doesn’t forget about you!

The next few weeks look busy and I’m steeling myself for long meetings, tension rising higher as the evenings go later. I knew that when I left.

But I’m going into it rested, and with the tiniest hint of a tan, and the weather’s just getting nicer here and isn’t everything better with sunshine?

So happy Monday, and here’s to a good week.




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One response to “Back again

  1. Cindy

    Welcome home!

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