First full week of March

We sat outside last night, some in coats and under quilts, and the air was cool but not too cold and the lantern-lights on her porch moved in the light breeze.

There was a long line at The Meadows but we waited anyway, he brought me vanilla custard ice cream and it was good, though it made me colder.

And we sat out there for an hour or two and no one’s fingers froze.

It’s the first full week of March.

And the crazy weather continues, going from a balmy 64 yesterday to a high of 39 tomorrow but the sun’s shining brighter and Sunday the time changes, we’ll have sun later into the evening and maybe I won’t feel so tired, so early, when there’s sunlight ’till 7 or 8.

The children are coming out again. I dart out the front door to catch the trespassers in our back yard, say for the countless time that while I know our trees are great hiding places and it’s just-so-fun, no one is allowed back there without asking.

It gives me a reprieve of a few days but I know I’ll be saying that a lot as the days grow longer. He contemplates traps, saving the head of the next deer to end up in our freezer and stashing it in their favorite hiding tree.

I think that’s rather extreme, talk about visits with parents instead, but we both know they’ll just try to be sneakier. A fence would be more productive.

A boy walks his dog by on the sidewalk but pauses to ride the hand rail by the two steps leading to the car. I hope it doesn’t fall. We haven’t met these neighbors yet and their kid breaking a bone on our railing isn’t exactly the best way to start neighbor-relations.

We sat on the porch last night under the swaying lantern-lights and quilts and the taste of ice cream melting in my mouth made me dream of summer.


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  1. Vicki Daniels

    I can tell you are really going to enjoy our Texan sunshine.

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