Blue circles

I’m tired today.

Wednesday was a deadline for everyone and I wrote my first story ahead but the second, it lingered on until the last day, victim to delayed phone calls and not enough time.

One school district called a special meeting and so I put in 11 hours that day, spent the next afternoon in a court waiting room for a hearing that never happened, then another hour again today.

I’m tired and so the stupidity I see there grates on me. The boy with the dreadlocks, who wants something other than the probation offer he was given? He doesn’t want probation because he doesn’t want to stop smoking pot or frequenting bars– and he’s underage. He says they’ll “get him for anything” and call it a probation violation and then he’ll be in worse trouble.

I want to walk across the room, shake him by his spoiled shoulders. Don’t want them to “get you?” Don’t break the law then (regardless of the merits of the law).

The judge is frustrated, too. He’s polite and friendly as he gives the boy a new hearing date, tells him to come with an attorney this time, but he curses a little when he talks to the girls behind the counter.

I would like to curse a little, too. The boy wants to apply for a public defender. Tax dollars at work.

Words are sparse today. I used most of them on Monday, and Tuesday, and the last of them on Wednesday and now they’re gone. In court I think I’ll write a letter, make use of the waiting, but draw circles and fill them in instead, blue ink leaking onto the pages beneath.

I’d draw blue circles here, too, if only I knew how.





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