Sleepy weekends

We’re shifting up beats here, at the start of the new year, but for this first month that simply means I’m covering all the municipalities I covered last year, plus the new ones.

Nearly every work night last week and this I head out again after dark, trying to stay awake on dark country roads, then trying even harder on deadline the next morning.

That’s really the hardest part of working for a small paper, I think. We all come in early for deadline pressure, some with stories to file by 9:30, others there for the inevitable breaking news. And some weeks we all have meetings at night, often staying up late to finish writing before waking up early the next day, to start all over.

By the end of last week I was dragging, short nights compounding one after another; I slept the weekend away.

The full moon was still shining brightly behind the branches of the neighbor’s tree when I walked to work this morning, and the cold air wasn’t nearly as bitter as past Januaries. Two stars glittered in the night sky above the house but there was light in the east and I know the sun will be shining when I step out again in the late morning.

I feel rested today, after the quiet weekend. I accomplished nothing, really, except for sleeping, and football, and watching Jasmine settle down for a nap under the light blanket on my lap.

So the sink is full of coffee mugs to wash (and how do those multiply so quickly with only two of us in the house?!) and dust bunnies have been pulled out of all the corners by busy ferrets, and something smells funny in the car. But that’s the good thing about these meetings.

Somehow, getting home in the afternoon, with dust catching the sunlight, I get so much more done.

I slept the weekend away, and chances are after this week, I’ll be doing the same. Maybe today I can tackle that “To Do” list?




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