Back to normal

There’s a certain relief that comes with the end of the holiday season.

As much as I look forward to it each year — to the family and friends and food and festivities, to Christmas music and twinkling lights and red-striped candy canes dropped in my lunch bag — by the time champagne’s been uncorked and the new year begun, I like the reclaiming of my home.

I tossed out browning greenery Saturday, packed ornaments back into boxes, wrapped nativity pieces in strips of newspaper and old bubble wrap.

And when the dust was swept up and the picture frame back above the mantel and the books on the piano rearranged, it felt calmer, like we could collectively catch our breath before another year began.

Well. It’s begun.

And like all news outlets everywhere today I spent my morning trying to track down the first baby born to the area hospital; just to realize that the marketing department — the ones who are allowed to talk to reporters — all had a holiday today.

Go figure.

We did get the picture – the hospital generally sends a list of all babies born on a particular day, and there was only one name for Jan. 1. So it wasn’t a stretch to call, ask for the mother’s room, and ask her for a picture.

New moms tend to be just fine with having their progeny photographed, and we had it back to the office by deadline.

Today I’ve got a list mostly populated with meetings, as every municipality holds their reorganization sessions in this first week of the first month of the new year. And the calm that was the week between holidays is definitely over, though people aren’t any easier to reach, all taking holidays since the actual holiday fell on a Sunday.

Special section deadlines are approaching, and why do I always wait until they’re close to start writing?

I have to pick stories to submit for awards by the end of this month, though I don’t think I’ll win any this year.

The holidays are really over; and now it’s back to the normal living and writing and daily ups and downs that come with working in a newsroom.





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  1. You’re really on the ball. I’ll probably get around to taking down the tree this weekend. One nice thing about artificial trees- no fire risk!

    Happy 4th!

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