If it’s not one thing…

There was ice cream, and walks, and sitting in the grass at a park while a bad country band tried to be funny.

We hit nearly every garage sale in the borough, and bought nothing.

We put in a garden and cleaned out the back yard and spent Sunday afternoon in the sun.

I’ve got scrapes on my arms and a sunburn on my shoulders and the start of a good summer tan.

And I’m not sure my To Do list is any shorter today than it was when the weekend started.

Because that is the way it goes with an old house. Every job ends up a bit more complicated than you expected.

He pulls up the old bathroom floor and we find water puddling around the base of the toilet; it has to be replaced, too.

Any time I go after tangles of weeds, I end up with ever so much more than it looked like; I find bones and bricks and plastic bottles buried beneath the jungle, and the question always lingers:


Someone painted over the wallpaper in the kitchen, but a corner of it is still peeling up. Someone painted the bathroom pink; someone else didn’t like it and tried to paint over it, but just one coat, and messily. There are paint drops all over the shower wall.

There’s a pile of stone chips where there should be grass, but I can’t imagine where it came from. There is no stone anything on the property.

And so it goes.

I thought, as Saturday ended, that the yard clean-up efforts were nearly done, and that we could go into maintenance mode pretty soon here.

But Sunday afternoon I checked on my garden, and something has eaten most of the leaves off my baby tomatoes. So now a fence is on the priority list, before my green beans and zucchini sprout, and probably I’ll have to replant the tomatoes.

The fat baby robin sitting in the dirt next to them looked guilty, but robins don’t eat tomato leaves. A chipmunk watched me from across the yard, and I know he has a burrow nearby. Maybe he’s the culprit?

So I guess the inside of my house will have to suffer another week of neglect, because I only have so much time, and it’s going to rabbit-prevention efforts.

Wish me luck!


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