The birds knew first

They’ve known it’s coming.

Every morning I wake to birdsong, even when it’s still dark as night outside the glass of my windows.

Some days it’s raining; others even snowing just a little. Most days it’s cold, winter lingering in the night.

But the birds are back, and they know what sometimes I despaired of on dark mornings.

Spring is here.

I hear a robin scolding in the bare branches of a tree above me — a sound I’ll recognize forever after the robins took up residence on our front porch last summer and tried to drive us back inside every time we opened the front door.

Song birds take up a chorus in the hedge and bushes outside my house; some days I even hear a crow calling as it flies overhead.

And wearing a heavy winter coat to fight of the morning chill, they gave me hope.

But now I see it, too.

The cold spring rain gave way yesterday to brilliant sunshine. I left crocus buds folded tight and small and came home to open flowers, as bright and golden as the sunshine they were soaking in.

Bright blue and royal purple petals had unfolded from flowers I planted last fall but forgot the names – looking like mini-irises just four inches tall.

Walking home in the sunshine yesterday afternoon, my coat in one arm, I saw crocuses in yellow and purple in every yard, and little white bell flowers hanging soft heads over their tender stems. The daffodil buds are swelling.

One day – that’s all it took. One day of sunshine and the flowers opened wide to receive it.

I breathe deeply and open my soul wide to receive it as well.

It becomes official next week but the birds have been heralding its arrival for days.

Spring is here.



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2 responses to “The birds knew first

  1. love spring! you paint it beautifully.

  2. Thanks Kim! And I love spring too! Of course we have a high of 35 tomorrow… maybe I spoke too soon.

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