Sunshine and midwinter thaws

I saw it from my bed this morning, after sleeping in past 8 on a mid-week day off. Just a glimpse of blue in between ragged clouds tinged with morning gold. I saw it through a sliver of window where the curtains, pulled closed against the cold, fell apart.

I’ve opened all the curtains this morning and there are patches of green where all was white and the sun keeps peeking out again through the passing clouds. A bird chattered loud out my bedroom window and I think we all felt it, the hope that rises even with a mid-winter’s thaw.

It’s just the start of February, and the clouds are moving back over the blue sky as the morning progresses. Snow and freezing temperatures are back in the forecast for tonight — the thaw just a momentary pause in the weather’s normally scheduled program for us here.

But at the same time… it’s the first sign that winter may lose his grasp on this corner of the world. The bitter cold is coming back but it’s February and while the wind blows and snow falls I know that March, with all its fickleness, is just around the corner. We’ll have more thaws, and more refreezing, until the thaws outnumber the freezes and the hedge is filled with chattering birds and the earliest spring flowers poke bold heads through the wet earth.

Can’t you tell its coming?


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  1. Ellen Scarano

    Very nice reflection, Heather.

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