Always look for the pictures

I wasn’t planning on talking with a congressman today.

But there I was, new corduroys that barely qualify as work-appropriate and snow-proof boots and all, standing in a crowded hospital lobby waiting for my chance to ask him about the Arizona congresswoman, and did he know her.

People were standing around, chatting or sipping coffee from small cup-and-saucer ensembles. My list was already too long for the day and I chafed at the delay, but wasn’t surprised. We must still be waiting for the congressman. Elected officials, with their busy schedules and travels from place to place, often are late.

A harried woman saw me, promised to find his press guy (or at least, that’s what I thought she said). And when a man approached with a handshake and a smile, I figured that’s who I was talking too.

Always look at a picture of an unfamiliar politician BEFORE asking to interview him. That way you won’t do what I did this morning, and ask the US Representative if you can please have just five minutes with the congressman?

Let’s hope he quickly forgets our little visit.

And I’ll always look up pictures from here on out.

Ah, Mondays.


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