Tape? paper?

We pull the candles and the Christmas runner and the blooming African violet with its purple blossoms all off the table, unload armfuls of gifts onto it.

He heads for the newspaper box for our economical AND green wrapping solution. I pull the shoebox filled with tissue paper and ribbon and reused gift bags out from under the bed. Vesper runs off with a shoe.

And that’s when we remember: we recycled the newspapers this morning, just have today’s still wrapped in a snowy plastic bag.

I think it’s enough, if we’re careful, so he scrawls an inscription across a page and I fill a bag.

“Uh, do we have tape?” he asks.

Well, now that you ask, no we don’t.

And now we’re piling gifts back into the torn paper shopping bag and stuffing the gift-wrapping shoe box back under the bed and taking the shoe from Vesper. Because you can’t wrap Christmas presents without tape.

Lesson learned: check the paper box and look for tape before spreading everything across the dining room table.




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2 responses to “Tape? paper?

  1. LaVell Welborn

    Recycling, yea!, even during the Christmas rush. It’s enough to make a grandma proud! You go, girl!!!

  2. Well, seeing as all we have to do is take it to the curb…. it’s not that much. Hope we get a chance to see you when we’re down for New Year’s!

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